How a microfiber cloth was used to clean up a waste incinerator

A waste incineration facility in Ireland has been used to recycle the clothes of hundreds of people, and in return has been left with a lot of clothes.

Dublin’s Eco-Rite waste incinerated hundreds of clothes, shoes and bags for recycling in the city.

The clothes were taken to the Eco-rite facility in the Wicklow countryside, where they were then stored for about four months.

It’s believed the clothes were recycled by the Irish Department of Environment (DE), as part of the organisation’s “Clean Clean the Streets” programme.

The DE said that it was only the second time it had ever recycled a clothing item in Wicklow.

However, it’s believed that more than 100,000 items of clothing have been recycled so far.

Dubland is home to about 1,200 tonnes of waste generated by incinerators.

This includes discarded food packaging, clothes, plastic bags and other items.

It is believed that over 30 per cent of the waste is thrown away and that the rest is recycled by Eco-rite.

The programme is set to expand in 2017, with the aim of reducing waste from the waste-to-energy sector by 40 per cent by 2025.

Dublians are encouraged to participate in the programme by sending in their items of waste to the centre and the DE will recycle them for free.

It can take up to a month for the items to be recycled and then the items can be used to make new clothing.

However if there are items that are no longer needed, the clothes can be re-used and donated to charity.

Eco-rite is one of the few waste management companies in the country that has managed to produce a significant amount of clean clothes.

The company was founded in 2006 and was later bought by Efron, which now manages a similar waste management company.

The organisation is also known for its recycling programs in the US, where it recently opened a new waste management centre in Portland, Oregon.

In 2017, the company’s environmental initiatives were highlighted when the company was awarded the Green Award for its efforts to improve the environment.

Dublangen Eco-Reservoir, the centre that the company owns in Wickliffe, is the only one in Ireland to be able to recycle clothing, shoes, bags and more.

Dublan’s EcoReservium in Wicklitie has collected and reused more than 10,000 tonnes of clothing and more than 50,000 other items, according to the company.

It has also been a major recipient of donations.

The company also works with local organisations and charities, and aims to reduce landfill pollution.