The most searched word on Roblox’s search results

A new survey shows that the word “roblix” is the most searched term on RoBlox’s site, and that a whopping 68% of users have used the word to describe their shopping experience.

The survey, from the popular shopping site’s analytics team, shows that RoBlax’s userbase grew by 10.6% from March to April of this year.

This figure was achieved despite the site having a massive number of complaints, the researchers said.

“We are currently seeing a lot of users who are frustrated with their experience, so we’ve decided to put some effort into improving our customer service and customer engagement,” the researchers wrote.

The findings were published today (March 28).

The researchers used the company’s analytics platform, a tool that analyzes the search traffic of thousands of sites to provide insight into search performance.

The RoBlix team is currently in the process of rolling out a new update that will allow users to search for RoBlx on their own and then provide feedback on their experience.

This will allow for the team to better understand the user experience and feedback that they’re getting.

“The data we are collecting on RoBLox will help us better understand how the user experiences differ across RoBlexx, as well as improve the user’s experience and discover how we can improve the service,” the team wrote.

RoBlX’s analytics data will be used to improve the platform and make it easier for users to find the best deals on RoBoox.