How to get your anime clothes on in a matter of seconds

Australian women can already feel the pressure of fitting in a t-shirt and jeans at the office, but for the rest of us it may be a little harder to find the right outfits.

This month, ABC News asked you how to dress up in style at home, and you sent in your wardrobe.

Here’s what you need to know.


The perfect outfit to wear at work When it comes to putting on your best appearance, most of us prefer to dress casually.

But if you’re in the office and have to work in public, you might have to put on a suit or two.

If you’re working on a project, however, a formal suit and tie might be a good idea.


Keep your neck in place This is important.

As you work on a story, you’re going to have to let your neck move to fit your figure.

Make sure you wear a neck guard if you need it. 3.

Make a statement If you’ve just finished a presentation and want to make a statement, be sure to have some clothes on for a statement.

You can choose to wear a shirt with an “A” on the front and a “N” on either side, or wear a blazer or suit with the words “Avengers” printed on the back.


Wear a bow tie If you want to take the hint and go with the bow tie, make sure you have a tie that’s at least three sizes too small.


Wear gloves Make sure your gloves are worn, and don’t use them to hold your purse.

If your gloves come off, they’ll be difficult to remove.


Keep the hair down The hair is a major part of your outfit, and when you’re on stage, it should be done up to your waist.

If it’s longer than your waist, you’ll be looking like a frumpy, overweight old lady.


Make your wardrobe a little more eclectic The more items you have, the more fun you’ll have, but it’s also the best way to find something you’ll enjoy wearing.


Look for an outfit that suits your personality You’ll want to try on a few outfits before settling on a perfect one.

If that’s too difficult, try one that fits you better.


Choose your favourite outfits This can be tricky because you may have a wardrobe of the same things but with different colours, patterns or textures.

Look out for your own personal style.


Make the most of your office environment You’ll be a lot more relaxed at work if you have something to wear for every occasion.

Some office environments, such as the gym and the coffee shop, are ideal for this.


Pick up your favourite accessories There are so many items you can wear to work and it can be difficult deciding what to pick out.

Pick out something that suits you and keeps you looking professional.


Choose an office dress for a different day Use a dress shirt and tie for a day out, or pick out a tie for an afternoon casual.


Get rid of the bag There are some people who just don’t like having things around the house and if you’ve got a bag, get rid of it.

Make an appointment for a new one, and take a few minutes to look through your wardrobe for something you can throw away.


Try to do something with your office outfit When it’s your turn to wear the outfits, look for something that matches your personality and style.


Choose a pair of shoes that match your outfit Your wardrobe will help you with this step, so it’s important to pick a pair that’s comfortable and stylish.


Have fun and do it right Get the perfect outfit in the morning and you’ll look professional and in style.


Be careful not to break your legs Get the right clothes for a party or a casual outing, and remember to take care not to put yourself in a compromising position by putting on too many layers.


Take a good look at the day’s highlights and choose something that fits your outfit.


Choose the right outfit for work or school A perfect outfit at work may be more than just a simple t-shirts and jeans, so you need a little thought to pick something that will work for your job.


Choose something to compliment your favourite music You’ll need to pick up some accessories that’ll help you blend in. 21.

Pick the right colour for your hair Your hair should always be styled in a way that you don’t look “too much”.

Find something that complements your style and colour.


Pick a dress to wear to your school events Dress up as a princess and wear it to school parties, sports, weddings or any event you’re attending.


Make it your favourite day at work You may have to change up your outfit a little to fit in, so try something that’s new and different.


Choose from your favourite styles at the local store Find a