A New Zealand man is selling clothes in Windsor for $200 a day

This is a new idea in the Canadian clothing industry.

The man is called Winders Clothing.

They say the idea is to provide clothes for low-income households, and they have been selling clothing for over two years.

“We want to be able to provide affordable clothing to the low- and middle-income people in Windsor,” said Matthew Smith, the man who started selling the clothes.

“They’re the people that have the most to lose by having the clothing they need to survive.”

But it’s not just the clothes that are available.

It’s the men, too.

The store is also selling mango clothing for men, and winter clothes.

The items are made from hemp, but they are also available in different colors.

There are also mugs, totes, and handbags.

But for now, the store is primarily selling clothing.

They’re selling clothing that will last the winter months, as well as for men.

The idea has a long history.

In January, 2013, a man in New Zealand had his clothes stolen, and he was eventually convicted.

In February of this year, a 23-year-old man in the UK was arrested and charged with the same crime.

The clothing was found on his home, and a woman was charged with possession.

But it wasn’t until November of this last year that the charges were dropped.

But the man in Canada who’s selling the mango clothes said he’s been able to get the word out about his business.

“I’ve had people come to me and say, ‘This is fantastic, I’m going to be selling it, I’ve got a lot of friends who are doing it.'”

It’s hard to make money selling mappys, but it’s a way to survive.

“When you’re out in the street, you don’t really have to think about it, because the street doesn’t really give you a choice,” Smith said.

Smith says he started out selling mangoes for $1 each.

He says the people who buy the mappies know they’re going to have to pay for them.

“That’s just what the street tells you,” he said.

He also said he has seen some people who want to sell mappets.

He said people are willing to pay $10 for a mango, and some people will pay $200 for them, but others will charge $300.

But as Smith says, he’s not going to stop.

“People will always have the option of buying mappy clothing,” he added.