‘Cotton face mask’ costs $15 online, $12 at Walmart

WASHINGTON — The price of a cotton face mask has plummeted from $8.99 at Walmart to $2.99 online at Target, as retailers scramble to make up for lost sales and shoppers seek a cheaper alternative.

The price for a $2 cotton face masks is $15 on Target and Walmart.

And you can buy a pair of cotton face muffs for $2 at Amazon.com, Target, Walmart and Home Depot.

Walmart is the only major U.S. retailer not offering the mask online.

The mask is available at Target and Home and Garden stores and online at the Amazon.

Com site.

On the other hand, you can get a $12 cotton face cloth face mask at Amazon for $9.99.

Walmart and Target sell the mask for $5.99, but you can also get a pair for $3.99 on Amazon.

Target has a free mask coupon for customers with a Walmart credit or debit card.

To use the coupon, customers must sign up for the Target Matching Card app.

For $3 off, shoppers can purchase the cotton face face mask with a mask coupon code, but they can only use the code once.

The mask is valid for 12 months and can be used once.

Walmart, Home Depot and Target are also offering a $5 coupon code for shoppers.

If you buy a mask online at Walmart, Target or Home Depot, the coupon can be applied to your account for free within 48 hours of purchase.

If you buy the mask at Target or Target, the code must be redeemed in store.

The code must also be redeemed at Target.

Walmart customers can use the same code to redeem the mask if the store doesn’t have a physical store where they can purchase masks.

Target said it will be offering a limited number of masks for the first two weeks of December and another limited number for January.

The company said it is also working to reduce the number of mask orders that are delivered to stores, but no date has been set.

The mask coupon also applies to a new mask purchase that requires the same coupon code.

If the same mask code is used for a second purchase, the third purchase is not eligible.

In addition, the company said that customers can now apply the mask coupon to two masks at a time, rather than just one.

Customers can also use the mask coupons to use up to three masks on one purchase.

But the company will not offer a third mask coupon on the same item for free.

“We are increasing our selection of masks to meet the needs of our customers.

We will continue to make changes to the pricing and availability of our products to address customer demand,” Target spokeswoman Anna Biedron said.

Toys R Us has also been offering a new $2 mask coupon that can be redeemed for up to two items.

The new coupon offers a $3 coupon code and is valid until November 17, 2018.