New Walmart stores will feature a ‘smart’ cash register

Wal-Mart stores have long been known for offering a “cashless” experience, but now that they are on the market, they’re getting some serious attention for their “smart” cash register.

The company’s announcement today makes it clear that the company is developing a “smart-card” for its customers, similar to the ones that are already on sale at a number of other major retailers.

The new registers will allow customers to withdraw cash and cashiers to accept them, and the cashier will have the ability to check out customers with a smartphone.

As with other “smart money” cash registers, the registers will be able to be activated and deactivated with a swipe of a finger.

In fact, this feature is expected to be available to all Wal-Marts nationwide in 2018, and it’s not just for cash.

It’s expected to come to other stores as well.

The announcement makes it seem like Wal-marts are moving into the “smart economy” rather than “regular economy.”

The company has been trying to build a business model around this technology for years, but the rollout of its first cash register in 2016 was a bit of a letdown.

The first “smart wallet” was launched in 2015, but it was so buggy and confusing that it was discontinued.

Walmart has been testing the technology for a few years now, but they’ve yet to roll out it to the entire Wal-mart network.

If this feature comes to all of Wal-mar, that will be a big step forward for the company.